When a leaf drops dead

When a leaf in the winter night,

Pierces through the moonshine and the air,

And drops dead on the ground

Does it bear the cognizance of its death?


The sacred departure from this life

And if it does, does it hope for a beyond

A life after death,

Does it want another life?


And if it does,

What does it expect to be?

A man, a beast,

Or perhaps just another leaf on a tree;


I am dubious of what it thinks

When a dead leaf drops on the ground

Without a sigh or moan, in the winter night

Does it accept death as wise men do forever,

Or does it hope for a heaven, scripted yet unfound.


Then I imagine  the day I would drop dead

As a leaf does in the silence of the night

And I wonder if I would just accept death

Or beg for another life.



I keep myself away

I resist the company of myself

for my thoughts poison my being


but I resist the company of others

because they begin to relinquish my existence

in all the moments I am with them

from the face of this earth

and make me a device of their own

Oblivious to the fact that they are ignorant

and their assumptions about me

reflects their thoughts, their ideas,

their existence

and hence, I keep myself away

to save my existence from being consumed by someone else’s.

Yet I dare not blame them too

for they are what they are and

I respect what I am,

and to keep them from doubts

and myself from misery

I keep myself away.

My verse

Do you think it hurts? That you don’t like my verse, That you ridicule my prose And say they are just absurd But maybe I am being perspicacious And doing it my way, Living life in more visceral display Than out of a dictionary of clever word play. Do you think your disparaging of my […]

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What life?

What friends? What family?

What love?

(My love could never be mine)

What trees? What birds?

What sky? What stars?

The space tearing worlds apart

Nothing is mine

Nothing is yours

Except for this life; a tightrope

on which, my feet wobble a few steps

until they fall off it, all alone.


With Each Other

I wonder if you could stay

How long would you have done so?

Another step, another blink, another breath

For another sunset that we missed

or another sunrise, that never will;

I wish you could have stayed

For another walk on the bridge

that leads to your mother’s home

Or another chat through the classroom window

I wonder if could have stay

How long would you do so?

But you are gone now

And there is nothing much that I can do;

But wait for my turn

to live with you

In another birth, in another dream, in another life

Where we are with each other



I find you

In the pause between my breaths

In the light that mirrors reflect

In the wind that swings my clothesline

In the very first sip of wine,

and the delusions that follow

I find you.

In the nails punched into these walls

the cracks that have appeared in the halls

In the veins of the wild leaves

In the horror of a banshee’s shrieks,

and in the secrets and stench of alleys narrow

I find you.

In the sails of a ship swaying

In the chuckles of a child playing,

In the breast of a Great Sage-Grouse

In the last heat of the candles doused,

and the adventures of Captain John Longfellow

I find you.

In the time between the new and old

In the difference between stone and coal

In the invisible line between right and wrong

In the times I feel I don’t belong,

and madness in these thoughts hollow

I find you.