Pretty Marry or ( Spear of Destiny)

Pretty Marry, pretty pretty she was
Failed to meet a good old man,
In the world of woes and bane
Pretty lost she was.

Pretty Pretty Marry
She did all she could
Tried to drown her pain in whiskey
Smoked rings to let out the worry.

Last when I saw her
She was singing a song about love
Her skin showed scratches and punctured veins
Her stained teeth smiled through lips pale.

Her crimson eyes and swollen lids told her story,
And she looked, not like she did before
Pretty Marty’s pretty face
Wasn’t pretty, and her body, had lost its grace.

Pretty Marry pretty poor and pitiful she was
Last time I saw her, she was dead in an alley
Then I was young, today I am aged
Scratched, stained, and punctured, by the spear of destiny.



Rest, rest, o child-like soul
Rest in quiet sleep,
Even the greatest of warriors put down their swords
In the wake of night to dream.
Rest, o rest, you are tired now
I can see it in the swell of your eyes,
Even the strongest ones need their strength
To behold victory at sunrise.

A Glimpse of Self

I gaze at the mirror everyday
Today I caught a glimpse of myself,
Astonished, I was
To see all that I saw,
The wounds open, and crimson that
I inflicted on myself;
The expressionless patches made up of lies that hide them,
The elevations of my pride alongside the depths of my disgrace;
I saw a child, a boy, a man
When I looked into the mirror today,
Who once was and who will never be
Jaded by technicolour of knowledge, tanned by the heat of love,
I saw tears held back by the vision
And the anger left by submission,
I saw the blackened blisters of guilt
And the scabs on my conscience,
The diminished wrinkles of a smile long forgotten,
The shamefull frowns of deeds rotten;
And a million other substances of existence I witnessed
When I looked in the mirror today,
Amazed I was to see it all and yet, not recognize myself this way.

Constant Companion

Oh moon, distant, yet such constant companion
As no other person has been,
Sometimes, you overwhelm me with your presence
Accompanying my silence with yours
And though I can only touch you with my eyes
In my heart shines your light,
And illuminates my world with a sacred calm
Rendering a momentary yet much desired relief,

sheltering me from the dark.

Still here

I assumed that I was strong
Once again I was wrong,
I thought that the sticks of hope will do the trick,
Since there’s no fireplace here outside,
But the wind of your memories
Won’t let the flames stay,
And leave me in the cold to shiver
Blowing all the warmth away,

And I claimed that my head was sane
But it could not so remain,
And I sit here on this island of rocks,
With a deranged head, and a grieving heart,
In future I see infinity, though
My feet are ready to walk backwards
Time won’t let me go back to the start.

Your Fate Absolute

For all the hearts you broke
Yours shall shatter too,
For all the tears, you caused to drop
Your eyes will bleed too,

For all your negligence towards the ones who loved
You too shall roam in disregard,
For all the times you hurt their hearts,
On your soul, they shall inflict searing wounds;

For all those bitter words you spoke
You too shall be verbal abused,
All those tricks you played with the world
Shall soon come back to confuse

For all those times you insulted another
Your pride too shall fall,
All the times, you spent alone in selfish silence
Your cheerful moments would not last,

And all times you did not consider requested pardon
Your words too shall never find, an ear new,
For all those things you stole from them
Your more shall turn into few;

And it is nothing more, or less
It’s the payment of your dues,
Though tragic, in sound and action it is,
It’s your fate absolute.

Many Women and Human

I met many women in my short life
And all of them thought that I was someone,

One of them called me a brat, another a snob
One thought I was cute while another said I was rude,
Once a woman elder said that I was a child,
And a younger one announced that I beguile,

I remember one woman had claimed that I was smart,
I also remember the one who had told me that I was living a lie,
I know of a woman who presumed me to be a sinner
And another who just wanted me for dinner,

And now when I sit
And think about those women,
And remember all the names they called me by
Self absorbed, sure about their prejudice
None of them thought, or called me what I truly am,
Just a human.