I believed that my heart
was pure, white and delicate
Like the feathers of a swan;
Now I know, that it’s like that of a crow,
Twisted, and dark.


Just Don’t, You Can’t

Don’t make me adore you

I do so with all my heart,

which I know you will break


And yes I am alone

I dare say I am not

But how lonesome will I be?

When you leave

(food for thought)


The path of our glories

Is to be trodden by ourselves;


So put your faith in me

If you really want to

I love you enough, not to disappoint


But don’t say that you can love me

because you don’t, you cannot.



They ask me what do I do
I tell them that I write;
They don’t believe

(Ignorant fucks)

And then they ask me again,
Why do you write?
I say I don’t know,
And still they don’t believe,

(Their narrow mind wouldnt allow)
Yet they go on and ask me
To show few of my words,
They read it and still they don’t believe.

(They don’t really want to)


My mind has grown hands
And they have popped out of my skull
And the claw-like fingers
Are squeezing my neck
Choking me, suffocating, slicing me slowly
And no matter where I walk
Which side I put my head to sleep
These hands refuse leave.

Weeping and sweating
Withered and moaning
Is the straggled cry of a memory
Walking circles in a time that is over
Tracing onto foot prints trodden
Hoping to profoundly discover
Sailing on to the same shores forever

GO AWAY! shouts a soul to a mind weary and heart dry

And I light a smoke
Let the rings sing
As my heart tries to match your beat
and I am happy that a long time ago
you died,
And soon I’ll join you in the cold
Where neither life or death survives.


Don’t dwell amidst the walls
Of my euphoric city,
Don’t tread through the streets
They will all lead you to nowhere but insanity
Don’t quench your thirst in my ponds
They are all full of uncertainty,
Exit now! Before you enter
The confines of these shaky walls,
There is nothing for you here
The factories that you see are all hallucinatory,
And if it were the gods
Who told you of my city,
Then they are mocking like they always do
Better don’t enter, even if there’s no queue.
Don’t you try to walk in here
The land has already bled to death,
The air is poisoned with my thoughts
All they’ll do is suffocate your breath,
Now go back to where you had come from
The land that is really your own,
Here you are an unsafe soldier
Go away before you burn.





Thoughts and robots
That’s all I’m left with
And it doesn’t feel like life,
Life is where there is a drunk and a whore,
It is where dust is kissing the streets,
And the skin of that little girl
Who sits and has been sitting in her tattered clothes
since when I have no idea about,
Life is where a man just slapped another
And where the daughter came home
at 2.00 am,
The room where the husband kicked his wife
It’s where a son just buried his father,
And amongst the men who roam with a knife.
Life is where the buses and trains
that are filled with people
and the blend of their scents of day’s sweat have blended,
And the hospitals where patients wait on drugs and their body heals
Amdist the smell of drugs and vomit, and the colour of blood and piss,
Life is where people are finding time to romance in between their 10 to 7 jobs,
It’s where one is working hard while the other dictates,
It’s where politicians and businessmen devise their scams
And the terrorists plan their threats,
Life is where a blacksmith just lost his fingers
And a boy won the bet,
Life is on the bridges from where men have lept,
And in the chambers of the hearts
where all secrets are kept,
Life is where a murder of crows sings
And a poem writes itself,
Life is not here, it is where you left,
Life is there where life wrestles with death.