One life to be

It’s just one life I have got

One life to live, one life to see

One life to will and one life to be

So I am going to live the way I want

and say the things I want

I don’t care if you going to burn me

I am going to do the things I want

I am going to pillage and cause a blunder

I will go to war if I need to

and I shall lose if I am meant to

But bet me my life, I won’t surrender.

It’s one life I have got to live

One life I have to love

And I am going to love everyone and anyone I want

I am going to love alcohol infused watermelons and older women in thongs

And I am going to do everything right

even when I am committing the wrongs,

Alone I will walk and with everyone

One life I have got, and

I am going to live it the way I want

either by the smell of roses or voices of guns

If I feel like, I ‘ll die dreaming of nuns

or writing dirty, antireligious, offensive puns,

It’s my life after all and I have got only one

and be there a god or not

I am sure you don’t own the world,

So I’m going to be rude and mean

I’m going to puke and wean

And if I feel like

I am going to tie myself to the ceiling

for it’s my life and I have only got one

I am going to live, breath, see what I want

human, beast, god, particles

I am going to be what I choose

I am going to be what I want.








Look, look, look

Look at those fakes

In faux leather

Speaking false words

Venturing into the unknown

With all synthetic stars

That let out borrowed shine

To complement their artificial smile

As they try their best to beguile


Look, look, look

Look at those fakes

From faux crofts, they hail

To fool people and play

with their emotions

And the scariest part of their being

Is that they bear the same face

And looks exactly like us

There words and smiles fake.  


Hello! I am Fine



They call me every day

My mother, my father

My friends and sometimes, even my foes;


They want to check on me

they say,

They want to know what I am up to?


But when I answer their calls

I do not know what to say

I have nothing to talk about


And when they ask me

How am I doing,

I often tell the truth and sometimes I lie


But the answer is always the same

I tell that I am fine.

A Glimpse of Self

I gaze at the mirror everyday
Today I caught a glimpse of myself,
Astonished, I was
To see all that I saw,
The wounds open, and crimson that
I inflicted on myself;
The expressionless patches made up of lies that hide them,
The elevations of my pride alongside the depths of my disgrace;
I saw a child, a boy, a man
When I looked into the mirror today,
Who once was and who will never be
Jaded by technicolour of knowledge, tanned by the heat of love,
I saw tears held back by the vision
And the anger left by submission,
I saw the blackened blisters of guilt
And the scabs on my conscience,
The diminished wrinkles of a smile long forgotten,
The shamefull frowns of deeds rotten;
And a million other substances of existence I witnessed
When I looked in the mirror today,
Amazed I was to see it all and yet, not recognize myself this way.

In disbelief

She accepted his refusal
It squeezed out all the passion from her heart
Sucked in all the life from her soul,
Now she roams zombie-like, undead
And the cold words of people don’t instil shiver in her form
The heat of jealousy doesn’t burn her gut,
Phrases of praise have lost their meaning to her
And now, she is as good as The Thinker
Who sits sculpted, contemplating a single moment
Of ache, loss, and grief
Unaware, of people, admirers and haters
She sits accepting his refusal
Like a statue of stone, in disbelief.

Man or God?

Sitting, hidden amidst maze-like cluster of mountains
Their peaks buried in snow, clad in clouds
Where the only sound is of the heaving breeze,
Heavy, and cold

And every sight is an extension of your shadow,
In a trance that is true, unbroken
Lost in search, of the boundary of your own existence,
all truths, all lies;

In the mountains, hidden from the world
Hermit and warrior, saint and devourer,
The truth in the myth, the secret in the mystery,

Man or god?
You sit stagnant, forever, known
And unknown.


It’s funny how we live by
Killing parts of each other slowly
Murdering each other as we slowly die

It’s almost a joke
This sense of an incomplete loss
To fail to gain something we always had
Trying to be our own boss
(Aren’t we already?)

It’s funny how we dream
For a life, which is already present, in future
Forgetting that no matter how big and beautiful a it maybe; it’s always a river downstream

It’s almost really a joke
How we try to find ourselves in the past,
Forgetting to live now
Failing to leave an imprint that would ever last.