One life to be

It’s just one life I have got

One life to live, one life to see

One life to will and one life to be

So I am going to live the way I want

and say the things I want

I don’t care if you going to burn me

I am going to do the things I want

I am going to pillage and cause a blunder

I will go to war if I need to

and I shall lose if I am meant to

But bet me my life, I won’t surrender.

It’s one life I have got to live

One life I have to love

And I am going to love everyone and anyone I want

I am going to love alcohol infused watermelons and older women in thongs

And I am going to do everything right

even when I am committing the wrongs,

Alone I will walk and with everyone

One life I have got, and

I am going to live it the way I want

either by the smell of roses or voices of guns

If I feel like, I ‘ll die dreaming of nuns

or writing dirty, antireligious, offensive puns,

It’s my life after all and I have got only one

and be there a god or not

I am sure you don’t own the world,

So I’m going to be rude and mean

I’m going to puke and wean

And if I feel like

I am going to tie myself to the ceiling

for it’s my life and I have only got one

I am going to live, breath, see what I want

human, beast, god, particles

I am going to be what I choose

I am going to be what I want.







A life, a dream, a disguise

A life, a dream, a disguise

A heart full of hearts

A mind filled with surprise;


A chamber to wallow

The world to observe

And myself to follow;


All in this life I have

Is a life, a dream, a disguise.


Back bent, knee straight

Alone I sit

Whilst peace awaits.


And as every moment of this eternal existence,

Surfs its way by

I ponder upon the latest lie,


For that is all I have

A life, a dream, a disguise

A heart full of hearts

A mind filled with surprise.


A life;

a dream;

a disguise.










Man with the Telescope

Man with the Telescope
At the terrace he stood,
I saw from mine,
Amidst the wind's constant slaps
and the silence of the moon-less night,
He set up a strange contraption,
which lured towards the sight.

And by the time, by him I stood 4ceabbd82a44dae58c912afb349470b5
He had set the device on a stand 
with its end pointed at the sky,
Restless, and curious, I asked ' What is this that you have here? If you could tell me kind sir'
He said 'It is an invention called telescope'
Its purpose: to bring that is far right up to your nose.'

'Awww!' was all that it inspired
That wondrous invention of man,
But then again curiosity-struck
I inquired of his plan,
He said that he was there at the terrace
to have a closer glimpse of skies and its endless dark span.

Amazed again by his reply 
and his urge to gauge the dark,
'Why do you do so?', I asked
with a new and restless mind
He said 'For in the darkness only can we hope to find light'
'And in the darkness only, can we all be un-blind.'


Will you not live on?

I am alone again
Left alone with my thoughts,
A li’l afraid, a li’l secure,
And the whole world is with me,
But I am without.
I am sad again
In pain, that with it; it brought
A li’l confirmed, a lil unsure,
If there’s some place else; where I could be,
I rather doubt!
For we are all
We are; and, were meant to be,
Everything is as it is,
And how it was meant to be
Haven’t we all seen!
Those silent tearful skies in sorrow,
Haven’t we all been!
Living with hope, of a joyous morrow.
Will it come?
I can’t be sure upon,
Suppose it doesn’t come!
Will you not live on?


We all have our sorrow,

We all have our pain,

Dreams that keep us breathing,

Thoughts that are insane.

We all have our cheerful days

And our sleepless nights,

Tiny pieces of peace,

The heavy moments of fights.

We all have our freedom,

We have our boundaries,

A part of us that’s honest,

A side of us that’s sleeze.

We all have one we love,

We have a few we hate,

Sometimes our cups are full,

Sometimes it’s an empty plate.

We have our gardens to sit,

And our deserts to tread,

Times when we smiled,

And the tears we shed.

This is the nature of nature,

To fall and to thrive,

Myriad options are laid,

Choose any one to survive.