On the wall

On the wall

There I was sitting, brooding

Of something I cannot recall

Perhaps a real friend, or an imaginary foe

Had occupied my temple, which was already enlivened

With the bells swung by my myriad thoughts

Unheard amidst the chatter of many a bugs and insects

that alarm the creatures of the night,

Perhaps about the rain about to fall;

When my eyes caught a lizard on the wall straight in front of me

A brown reptile with euphoric freckles inscribed on its skin, by nature

Stuck on the fading hue of the yellow wallpaper of a waterfall,

Stagnant as a statue or a Turner on the wall;

And when my vision kissed its eyes

It witnessed a dreamy glimmer that suggested

that of a witch’s, possessed by her master

And for a moment, sent a shudder through my weakened spine

I assumed that that look was not for me, but someone else

And soon found my assumptions true;

When it let out its tongue and grabbed an insect

that too was stuck to the wall

Perhaps it had come to warm itself from the cold outside,

Relieve itself from the chitter chatter of its kin,

the nearest and the dearest

or, maybe, seeking avoidance from an instant as that befell on it,


And the lizard moved again, through the waterfall and vanished

Into the darkness of an ancient crevice, in the corner of the wooden ceiling

As do ghosts thin to invisible vapors, leaving behind no trace

And my attention returned back to the temple

To find that the friend or foe too had departed

With the insect on the wall

and I moved on to the netherworld,

with all my blood lost from the veins I had slashed;

And a silence, scared and stark, as that of a cemetery

had taken its place

In the temple halls.


With Each Other

I wonder if you could stay

How long would you have done so?

Another step, another blink, another breath

For another sunset that we missed

or another sunrise, that never will;

I wish you could have stayed

For another walk on the bridge

that leads to your mother’s home

Or another chat through the classroom window

I wonder if could have stay

How long would you do so?

But you are gone now

And there is nothing much that I can do;

But wait for my turn

to live with you

In another birth, in another dream, in another life

Where we are with each other



I find you

In the pause between my breaths

In the light that mirrors reflect

In the wind that swings my clothesline

In the very first sip of wine,

and the delusions that follow

I find you.

In the nails punched into these walls

the cracks that have appeared in the halls

In the veins of the wild leaves

In the horror of a banshee’s shrieks,

and in the secrets and stench of alleys narrow

I find you.

In the sails of a ship swaying

In the chuckles of a child playing,

In the breast of a Great Sage-Grouse

In the last heat of the candles doused,

and the adventures of Captain John Longfellow

I find you.

In the time between the new and old

In the difference between stone and coal

In the invisible line between right and wrong

In the times I feel I don’t belong,

and madness in these thoughts hollow

I find you.







As the sensual eyes of a passionate lover

Leave him no choice, but to see her face

The alluring shimmer of the summer moon

attracts me to hold its heavenly form in my mortal gaze


And shows me not just the light but the unlit part

As my senses transcend into a dreamy state

Where space grows bigger and all sounds become clear

As I stand hunched on the balcony

paying moon a hypnotic stare


And then all vanish in the blink of an eye

As does a magician’s trick coin

Accept the moon stays floating in the sky with

my soul swimming in its beam of light.






His head is sunk

sunk above the neck in the darkness

His thoughts have lost their way

His love that once burnt furiously

has turned to ash, grey

His heart throbs still

but there is no air, only vacuum

that his nose inhales,

As blood-drenched bubbles rise up

and pop painting his darkness red

and now red is dark and dark is red

He resisted his best though

the poison has been fed,

leaving him to live beneath his neck

and all reason, all love, all feelings are dead

They are dead as they were never even there.


Hello! I am Fine



They call me every day

My mother, my father

My friends and sometimes, even my foes;


They want to check on me

they say,

They want to know what I am up to?


But when I answer their calls

I do not know what to say

I have nothing to talk about


And when they ask me

How am I doing,

I often tell the truth and sometimes I lie


But the answer is always the same

I tell that I am fine.

She doesn’t like poetry

She likes her girlfriends and adores her boyfriends too
She likes the hazzy nightouts in shady corners of her friends’ house
She likes to get drunk in the bars
She loves her partner too
But if could, what would I do?
She doesn’t like poetry.

She likes to talk,
Oh you should see her talk,
When she does, she does a lot
She likes to buy new clothes, makeup, and some jewellery,
She loves pictures and songs and TV shows
But what would I tell her, if I could
She doesn’t like poetry.