Drugs and Ink

My life is like the ruins of Jericho,

Ancient walls, alien and catatonic

standing contorted,

A stagnant instance of time

neither moving ahead, nor behind;

My life is like the blinking eyes of a blind

A beggar unkind,

A ship that cannot sail, cannot sink.

All that I possess

Is a restless mind

and a heart that cannot think,

Sleepy days, wakeful nights

An abundance of drugs and colourless ink.








People to Talk to

I am looking for people,
To talk to,
I don’t step out every other weekend
But that does not mean I am an introvert,
Don’t assume so that I cannot,
But I fail to find people I would want to go out with.
People whom I could talk to in rhymes,
People who have a stable heart and an open mind,
People who are not chained to the bells
Not scared of their chimes.
I’m searching for people
Who are ambitious but not blind,
Who are brave at heart and though they believe in fear
Are ready to give up everything,
even themselves for their dreams,
I want to meet those dreamers, the mad hatter’s, and the insane jokers.
People who want to grasp every star in the sky,
But don’t mind if they don’t.
I am looking for people
With capability to probe a million bizarre ideas,
Yet free from influence except their own,
People who intend to grow forever
And yet never outgrow
For people who are more than what they show.

To the tune of silent nights

Away from the world,
And it's deceiving ways,
I sit shrivelled up,
In solitude, and in her praise,
As the tranquil tune of the silent night, 
Plays; and plays; and plays.

Through the open window,
I gaze at the clouds,
Overlaying the starry skies,
Like a spotless shroud,
As my soul's unheard whimper,
Grow loud; and loud; and loud.

Until they are lost
In the silence that plays,
And whilst they depart,
The emptiness stays,
Amidst them the tranquil tune of the silent night,
Plays; and plays; and plays.

Therein creeps slowly her face,
Before even my senses yearn,
And utters to me in a mystical tongue,
That I try, but cannot learn,
And before even my eyes blink
It begins to burn; and burn; and burn.

And with it, burns my soul,
Tickling my heart with pain,
As I gaze into her fiery eyes,
Try hard, but fail to explain,
But my hopeful heart never fails to try
Again; and again; and again

Away from the world,
And its deceitful ways,
I sit shrivelled up,
While her ashes stay,
Amidst them the requiem of broken dreams,
Plays; and plays; and plays.

Once more time

I am a disappointment to many,

But I won’t be one to you,

Give me one last chance

And I will stop living for you.

I will disappear

Like smoke in the wind

that touched your face yesterday

Far away to a desolate island

I will leave and there stay.

Give me one more chance

I may think but never say

Diamonds are for ever, idols made of clay.

I will walk forwards

I will move on,

If you promise not to think of me

When I am gone.

I am no one to many

But I guess not for you,

Give me one more chance

And I will be gone before you knew.

You with me…

You promised to be here,

You are, and still not,

Closer to me than my soul,

You dwell in my every thought.

I listen to your voices in my head,

But can’t say a word of mine,

Our destinies have crossed paths,

Though cursed, to never entwine.

All I can hope and pray now,

Is for your life in tranquility,

With your pretty face painted in my vision,

my love will live, in anonymity.







The Depressed…

They said he roamed the earth

With him empty heart,

And a soul desolate and depressed,

His life; an enigma to all

His feelings and thoughts suppressed.

They said, where ever he went

He doomed all, living or dead

His aura so despondent

All joy and happiness fled.

In his presence, 

The birds couldn’t sing,

Scared even to flap their wings,

And the trees, they shed their leaves

And the flowers gave up to grieves.

The world had never witnessed

Such lonely soul as his,

Spreading sorrow all over,

He deported all the bliss.

He lived without a life

Isolated amid the crowd,

And he died alone,

With no tears shed on his shroud.









Every time I try,

To put up a front, firm and strong

I end up on the flipside,

With my soul, guilty and wrong.

I break the hearts of people,

Who are closest to me,

Then stand with my head down,

Asking for an apology.

But how many times more

Will I walk this path of pain,

Maybe that is what I deserve

So I walk again.

And this is how my soul should be,

Desolate, deserted, and forsaken,

Amid the scenes of a broken dream,

From which I shall never awaken.