It feels great to be myself now,

not a son or someone’s in law,

neither a friend, nor a foe,

Nowhere to come from,

not a place to go.

My myriad faces and their scars,

the body, mind, and my soul,

It’s great to be left only with them now,

Nobody to ask a question,

and none waiting for an answer.

There is nothing to lose,

No fortune, no fame

And there is no one to blame.

Now, it’s just me

And it feels great,

It feels like god being just me.


I look at the faces

of men and women, I once knew


And I see

that they have changed so much,

They seem almost new;


Or have I been, so long gone

that I have almost forgotten

They way they looked at me

and I at them.


Have I been so long attached to


That I do not remember

All that I am detached to.


Towards Home

He is so within
That he is without,
His world a floating mirage.
His head:
a salty pond of doubts.
His days, coloured by dreams,
His nights, conquered by screams,
He is isolated in the crowd.
Dead, he walks amidst living,
His skin: his soul’s shroud.
He is high,
And is travelling higher on the highway,
To a place that knows no pain,
And the souls residing there,
Are all ancient, and insane.
He has been on many trips,
This one, the final voyage,
That promises to set him free,
And gift him his salvation.


Sea Shell by the Sea Shore

A sea shell she saw, by the shore
Wanting to grab it, she walked up close
But the shell did not stay by the shore
For every step she took towards
The shell too moved few inches away from the shore.

Intrigued, and longing for the lifeless yet moving thing
She stepped into the sea, and followed
Yet every time she would reach close -
arms stretched to grasp,
The shell would move deep into the ocean vast
And with the shell into the sea
she swam without surcease,
Desperate and desirous for the shell's secret reward
She stroked in without keeping herself on guard.

Then suddenly, to her surprise
The shell opened up and revealed the most precious pearl her eyes had ever seen
Enchanted and enthralled by the glimmering gem
She stretched her arm afar 
And caught the precious pearl in her palm.

Rejoicing her triumphant feat
 She turned to swim back to the sea-shore
Though found she was too within and could not swim any more,
So with the gem grasped in her palm
She let go of her breath 
And fell forever in the ocean's arm,
All for a sea shell she saw by the shore
That bewitched her heart, and claimed her soul.



Help me, 
Would you ?
For I have fought more than I should have
More than I was meant to
And now I cannot anymore
So would you help me give up.
I have walked too fast, and for too long now
I have walked more than my feet could
And now they refuse to walk anymore,
Would you please let me stumble and fall in your embrace.
I have smiled a lot in my solitude 
I have laughed all alone 
more than anyone should
Never mind that I could,
But now I can't deceive myself anymore
So would you just look into my eyes
And let mine cry.


The reel

The reel

In some way or the other
Memories find their way,
In some form or the other
They creep into my heart,
And rewind the reel of life
Taking me back to the start.
And then again play
But on fast forward,
The film of my past,
As myriad images of myriad people, and moments begin to flash,
Both good and bad-
Both joyous and sad.
And they play on, until
They trace back to my aching heart,
And to me, in the present,
Where I sit in solitude
Watching, as they fall apart.