It feels great to be myself now,

not a son or someone’s in law,

neither a friend, nor a foe,

Nowhere to come from,

not a place to go.

My myriad faces and their scars,

the body, mind, and my soul,

It’s great to be left only with them now,

Nobody to ask a question,

and none waiting for an answer.

There is nothing to lose,

No fortune, no fame

And there is no one to blame.

Now, it’s just me

And it feels great,

It feels like god being just me.

The Return

You lived your life

fought all, and everyone you could

Did everything you should;


Now rest your tired bones

empty your heavy soul,

And lay down your weapons

It is time to march home.


I know you have come a long way

miles and years from home,

And a million montages of past

with people, and alone.


But now you have tread enough

And there is no road, for you to follow any more,

Set the oars down

you have reached the final shore.


Disregard all the reveries

don’t conjure the ghosts,

Let your demons rest in peace

let your exhausted self, return back home.


Don’t let affection for life

precipitate in your eyes,

A gift it was you cherished

and now death complies.











Man with the Telescope

Man with the Telescope
At the terrace he stood,
I saw from mine,
Amidst the wind's constant slaps
and the silence of the moon-less night,
He set up a strange contraption,
which lured towards the sight.

And by the time, by him I stood 4ceabbd82a44dae58c912afb349470b5
He had set the device on a stand 
with its end pointed at the sky,
Restless, and curious, I asked ' What is this that you have here? If you could tell me kind sir'
He said 'It is an invention called telescope'
Its purpose: to bring that is far right up to your nose.'

'Awww!' was all that it inspired
That wondrous invention of man,
But then again curiosity-struck
I inquired of his plan,
He said that he was there at the terrace
to have a closer glimpse of skies and its endless dark span.

Amazed again by his reply 
and his urge to gauge the dark,
'Why do you do so?', I asked
with a new and restless mind
He said 'For in the darkness only can we hope to find light'
'And in the darkness only, can we all be un-blind.'


Soul Song

Take my words and their rhythm 
The emotion in them and the meaning hidden ,
Take my thoughts and my time
All my goodness, all my crimes.

If it pleases so
Peel my skin, gouge out my eyes 
Take my blood and take my bones
My double helix DNA 
and my XY chromosomes.

If they do not turn out to be enough 
Take my puckered heart 
and my heaving lungs,
Take my poisoned kidneys
and the liver burnt
If it pleases you, then please do so.

But it is my soul that you cannot ask for
And it is my soul that I shall not give,
For rest of all is yours for the taking
But my soul is not for me to give.


What do you do?

What do you do?
When you have nothing to.
Do you sit by the window,
And look out, 
Look out at the world,
Wonder, what it is like to be that bee that hums and hovers over that red rose,
Or think about the decisions you made; the path you are walking on; and the people you chose.

Are you disturbed when you are alone?
Shhh! Come close
Close to yourself. 
Its cozy and comfy and lonely,
Better than those who are but are not
And those too who want to and cannot.

What do you do?
When you have nothing to.
Do you look into the mirror
And embrace the facade,
Click yourself and then edit
Whilst nature loses its credit.
Or do you rather see into your eyes
Try to locate the scars on your soul.

Is there a want of death lurking  about?
Hmmm! Shut up. 
Why to bother with it,
Or why to try to grasp its arms,
It is on its way to you anyhow.
So, you better live and act
Before the final bow.

What would do you do?
If you had something to do.
Hold someone's hand and with them stay
Or by yourself walk away,
Chain yourself with the laws meant to bound
Or hustle to change the things around,
Sweat and bleed to carve your way, 
Or would you let go and give away,
Dream a reality
Or lose yours to a dream,
Mediate in silence
Or burst out in screams,
Try to find what you desire
Or would you lose yourself in the world's mire,
If you had something to do?
Would you hold someone's hand and walk away
Or in your solitude forever stay.

Sea Shell by the Sea Shore

A sea shell she saw, by the shore
Wanting to grab it, she walked up close
But the shell did not stay by the shore
For every step she took towards
The shell too moved few inches away from the shore.

Intrigued, and longing for the lifeless yet moving thing
She stepped into the sea, and followed
Yet every time she would reach close -
arms stretched to grasp,
The shell would move deep into the ocean vast
And with the shell into the sea
she swam without surcease,
Desperate and desirous for the shell's secret reward
She stroked in without keeping herself on guard.

Then suddenly, to her surprise
The shell opened up and revealed the most precious pearl her eyes had ever seen
Enchanted and enthralled by the glimmering gem
She stretched her arm afar 
And caught the precious pearl in her palm.

Rejoicing her triumphant feat
 She turned to swim back to the sea-shore
Though found she was too within and could not swim any more,
So with the gem grasped in her palm
She let go of her breath 
And fell forever in the ocean's arm,
All for a sea shell she saw by the shore
That bewitched her heart, and claimed her soul.