It feels great to be myself now,

not a son or someone’s in law,

neither a friend, nor a foe,

Nowhere to come from,

not a place to go.

My myriad faces and their scars,

the body, mind, and my soul,

It’s great to be left only with them now,

Nobody to ask a question,

and none waiting for an answer.

There is nothing to lose,

No fortune, no fame

And there is no one to blame.

Now, it’s just me

And it feels great,

It feels like god being just me.


Help me, 
Would you ?
For I have fought more than I should have
More than I was meant to
And now I cannot anymore
So would you help me give up.
I have walked too fast, and for too long now
I have walked more than my feet could
And now they refuse to walk anymore,
Would you please let me stumble and fall in your embrace.
I have smiled a lot in my solitude 
I have laughed all alone 
more than anyone should
Never mind that I could,
But now I can't deceive myself anymore
So would you just look into my eyes
And let mine cry.


The reel

The reel

In some way or the other
Memories find their way,
In some form or the other
They creep into my heart,
And rewind the reel of life
Taking me back to the start.
And then again play
But on fast forward,
The film of my past,
As myriad images of myriad people, and moments begin to flash,
Both good and bad-
Both joyous and sad.
And they play on, until
They trace back to my aching heart,
And to me, in the present,
Where I sit in solitude
Watching, as they fall apart.

The Depressed…

They said he roamed the earth

With him empty heart,

And a soul desolate and depressed,

His life; an enigma to all

His feelings and thoughts suppressed.

They said, where ever he went

He doomed all, living or dead

His aura so despondent

All joy and happiness fled.

In his presence, 

The birds couldn’t sing,

Scared even to flap their wings,

And the trees, they shed their leaves

And the flowers gave up to grieves.

The world had never witnessed

Such lonely soul as his,

Spreading sorrow all over,

He deported all the bliss.

He lived without a life

Isolated amid the crowd,

And he died alone,

With no tears shed on his shroud.








Ahead with love

Don’t you ever feel alone

If the world walks against you,

Never mistake to blame yourself

For people don’t have a clue,

Of the simplicity and serenity that you bear

The care and love that you share.

Never feel hurt of their words

Though noxious, are nothing but hollow

These strangers with two faced masks

In else’s pain, they rejoice and wallow,

So don’t let them feed on your pain,

Let them once, they shall do so again.

So I request you, O my love

Don’t shed tears for those, who never deserve

And spread the fragrance of love

That you in your heart conserve,

Let them tread against,

It is in their nature to do,

Without fretting you move ahead

If none, I’ll be there by you.
















































hey do





hold my hand

I am hurt

To know of your pain in past

Sorry for I can’t get those days back

But I am here for you now

And you can hold my hand

And we will tread through

These ever changing paths of emotions

I can’t promise that you won’t fall

But I will lift you up when you do

Let them people walk over us

We have each other

So come hold my hand and walk

Without the care of future

For no matter what happens

We will be together.