She thought we were flying,

But we were drowning, my love

She didn’t know until she was out of breath,

Then she told me in my ears

She could suck my lips,

All her life and until death,

And the next night

I found her naked,

but in the bed that belonged to Seth.

Next time I knew, and she knew

We both knew that we had come,

to the place we had left behind

After all the cries, and the grind

Oh she thought we were in paradise,

And she said if possible

she could be here forever

That she would get over me, never

And then I caught her lies,

which led us to a compromise.

Next time, I decided not to go to her

Unaware, that so did she think

 We paased years exchanging blinks

And she never came to me,

And the smoke was seen, ashes not

The lips were charred,

and her eyes blinked in my thoughts

Like they used to at me,

But it does not stand a chance anymore

We are to each other, nothing but wired robots.

Now you don’t ask me

Why we did

 What we had done,

 You drink in the blue moon,

 burn in the yellow sun

 Not a mess, was in my intent

 But guess that’s what it means

 When they say ‘Being Young’

 The days of cigarettes, coffee,

 and a pack of chewing gum,

 Evenings on the streets

 and nights drowned in rum,

 I wasn’t probing to hurt anyone,

 Tell her, I was just ‘being young’.


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