A rhyming rhyme

A rhyming rhyme

How many rhymes
Should I rhyme,
To make sure
That I can rhyme rhymes
And that the rhymes that I rhyme
Are really rhyming rhymes,
And not some shitty unrhymed rhymes.
But wait! Are you getting this really unrhymed rhyming rhyme
Or is a not-so-really-rhyming rhyme that is trying hard to rhyme,
Or is it the rhyming rhyme,
That I have been rhyming hard to rhyme.
Is it the first time that I have really rhymed a rhyme the way I wanted to rhyme,
If so then fine,
Otherwise I shall try again to rhyme a not-so-really-rhyming rhyme
And do so until I can really rhyme a rhyme,
Like I have rhymed in this really rhyming rhyme.
And if you feel that I have rhymed so much in this rhyme
That now it seems like a crime,
Then do forgive me,
Coz I was just trying to rhyme a really rhyming rhyme.


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