In a desert

In a desert we sit

with a bottle of wine,

Amidst the sandy waves

under the bright sunshine.

You won’t break your silence

my jaws refuse to open,

In a desert, silent as dead

we sit with our hearts broken.

I see a picture of myself

dancing in the depths of your eyes,

Though a strange expression you wear,

It’s your face that often lies.

The wind that treads between us

is quieter than this desert,

while on the stage of my mind

a band of thoughts play a concert.

And in that moment of silence

my ear’s catch your beat,

I remember it from that eve

when you held my hand on the street.

In a desert, we sit

stretching on to infinity

diving into each others’ eyes,

we seek forgotten treasures,

A search with no beginning,

A search with no end,

A search for eternity.


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