The Depressed…

They said he roamed the earth

With him empty heart,

And a soul desolate and depressed,

His life; an enigma to all

His feelings and thoughts suppressed.

They said, where ever he went

He doomed all, living or dead

His aura so despondent

All joy and happiness fled.

In his presence, 

The birds couldn’t sing,

Scared even to flap their wings,

And the trees, they shed their leaves

And the flowers gave up to grieves.

The world had never witnessed

Such lonely soul as his,

Spreading sorrow all over,

He deported all the bliss.

He lived without a life

Isolated amid the crowd,

And he died alone,

With no tears shed on his shroud.









One thought on “The Depressed…

  1. This is awesome!!!!!!

    Could you guys come check out my blog. I’ve just started and M enthusiastic about created a community of people who can connect about depression and self harm. Thanks!! ❤


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