Falling for you

My heart stopped to throb

When I saw you the first time

And then it began to pound,

All my eyes could see was you

And no one else around.

I thought of you through the day

dreamt of you at night

And I felt your presence in the wind,

That danced over my face

In my empty heart, you began to live

In my mind you danced with grace.

You gifted my life with a rhyme

That was before unrhymed,

My soul roamed in the deserted lands

Prior to your amorous acquaintance

And if in future you are no more with me

I will live in your reminiscence.

You came close to me

And I moved closer to myself,

Your presence made me feel complete,

My heart forsaken and cold

Once again began to beat.

I was left with nothing to ponder about

A lone and a sad man

Waning slowly in the blackness of wan,

You blessed me, with a blissful purpose

And began to live once again.

Now, I dedicate my life to your admiration

Giving up my life, to your charms

Believe me or not, I shall wait for you

Forever,with my open arms.
































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