By the Lake

She stood by the lake

Viewing her benighted reflection

Flickering beside the blanched winter moon

Her heart throbbing with unease

Praying for her lover to turn up soon.

After hours of restless wait

She saw a figure through the night tread

Though before she could jump in excitement

She found that it wasn’t he

But a man in strange hurry.

Bewildered by the man’s arrival

She enquired “why do you come hither?”

“For you” replied the stranger catching his breath

And he told her that for the one she is waiting

On his way to her met his death.

Failing to face the unexpected news

She lost control of her self

And took a leap into the depths of the lake

From where she never returned.

Now she is gone but her soul remains

Waiting for her lover every night

No living passes by the lake in the dark

Struck by their superstitious fright.














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