Praises of Disdain

I sit on a throne of miseriesthe_sad_king__s_throne_by_fractamonium-d52p50s

with a  crown of broken dreams

my heart has been crying

but none can hear the screams

and my head is a battlefield

where memories from past collide

waiting for the day to be healed

pleading riddance of the odious snide.

My heart’s a lonely king

ruling a kingdom of pain

my faults are all my subjects

howling more than I can sustain

and the time seems so slow

its near stagnation for me

leaving me incapacitated

as my soul rages to be free.

Though it does so to no avail

my thoughts slowly turning insane

and I sit on my throne with angst

whilst my mind sings praises of disdain.









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