A poetry

I witness a poetry

no matter where I see,

In the vast ancient sky

masked by it’s beard6955893-blue-sunny-sky

In the birds and their melody

midst the green yellow fields

and them twisted trees,

I hear it in the waves that roar

In the snorts of a wild boar.

I see a poetry,

over grassy terrains-barley-birds-dawn-field-nature-Favim.com-324511

and the mountain’s fold,

I feel it in the wind hot, temperate, and cold

and in the swelter of the sun

and the tepid moon

In every war’s bane

In the holy prayer’s boon.

There’s a poetry that dwells

in a child’s first cry

It flows in every swain’s blood

lodges  in every satirical wry

It exists in hell’s chilling fireheaven-and-hell-300x225

obliges every praise of heaven

I see it in your heart, and in my soul

I see it in the glimmer of a diamond

and in the blackness of coal.6a00d8341c5e0053ef014e606040a1970c-800wi






2 thoughts on “A poetry

  1. Hi Rajat, I thought you were gone. I was thinking about you the other day and wondering why your poetry weren’t appearing in my feed anymore. Today I decided to search and here you are🤗 I thought you had stop writing why you weren’t showing up then it showed I was not subscribe. I’m sure I subscribed a longtime ago. Anyway, it’s nice to see you’re still writing poetry💕💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Deanne,
      I had stopped posting for a while due to my poor health. Though I got back to it as soon as I got well. I was, am and will write. Thanks for your attention and precious time towards my blog. It’s always a pleasure to be missed by someone. Thanks, it really means a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

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