Bride to BE.

He waits for her, his bride to beBeauty brunette sitting on the crescent moon

though aware, she isn’t coming

for she departed to the country of angels

where she rests in peace

But she does still visit him

his lovely bride to be

dancing and prancing in front of his eyes

as to the dreamworld he flies.

They couldn’t share an abode

though they share a heart

in a time smacked between times

her memories still alive

so he closes his eyes every now and then

but he hasn’t slept in daysabstract trees dreams artwork question black white 1280x1024 wallpaper_www.wallpapermay.com_30

For he visits the land

where his bride’s favorite song plays.

He would do it,

till he can never do it again

visiting her gorgeous form

in a place out of this plain

not that it helps him live

but surely eases the pain,

Waiting for that fortunate day

when he shall too depart in gleewounded-man

to the unknown world of angels

where rests his bride to be.











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