I Asked and… HE REPLIED

Sitting on my porch

I glanced at the stars

feeling unaccepted and ignored

I asked the lord,

‘Where shall I go, I have none?

Will I be beheld or remain undone?’

Looking down I had just sighed

When in a spirited voice, he replied-

“Come as thou art

for I shall embrace you

come as roses or thorns

I promise to embrace you.

Pray don’t hide yourself013-job-suffering

beneath worldly masks and veil

come as crooked as thou art,

or with all your zeal.

No matter it is to me,

if your are ancient or new,

come as thou art

And, I shall accept you.


Come as angel, if thou art

or bring the devil in you,

come with thou aching heart

or with your skin anew.

Come either as red as blood

or the sky blue

just come, as thou art

I’m here to accept you.

Come if shattered you are

or a structure bold,

come in summer’s warmth

or like the winter cold,

I am here waiting for you

If the world doesn’t, I’ll behold.”



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