A visit by the Night

Night Sky Wide Desktop Background

After surviving through a day’s struggle and toil


I lay there in my sanctum, safe and secure

About to drift to Morpheus’ kingdom

When my peace was disrupted by a pummel on the door

I trudged towards the door, surprised and bewildered

But on opening it, I found neither a beast nor soul

except the moon swimming through the clouds

And the nightingale humming over a field plowed.

I stood there admiring the chilled winter night

as the wind swept over my face

Taking with it all the weariness and pain

Relieving my mind from all the blain,

Reposed by it, I sat on the floor

Forgot about that strange rap on the door.

May be nymph it was, or a wandering soul

Treading through the fields, which hath come across my abode

But the pleasant blowing breeze,so soothed my heart

And the nightingale’s voice filled with such charm

robbed all my cognizance, of the bygone night

When i opened my eyes, the sun on the sky shone bright.







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