dementia I see no suns at the horizon,

neither rising nor setting for me,

I do not see a moon

All I see is a patch-less darkness

waiting for me, with its boon.

Believe me, when I say, I am not blind

but I witness no colors-

neither red, nor blue

All I gaze, is at an infinite blackness

stuck to me eyes like glue.

Its all so stable and stagnant

my world does not anymore spin,

no emotions, no feelings-

dwell in me frozen heart,

no reason for tears, no reason for a grin

I see neither an end, nor a point to start.

Were those thoughts insane

on which my dreams fed,

For I don’t remember where I come fromdemetia

I have forgotten the direction, I was going towards

Am I in hell? surely its not heaven!

I don’t feel alive, does that mean I am dead.


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