Save the World….

He loathes and he criessave

watching a race kill his own

he bleeds and then he dies

as they tear his flesh from his bone.

So weak and helpless she feels

witnessing her injured boy,

ground shivers beneath her heels,

when she sees her girl at the hands of a decoy.

His will breaks, so does his heart

when he watches his children torn apart

No reason to live any longer dwells in him

when his loved ones, from this globe depart.

She feels degraded and denounced

when her saviors point at her, their fingers

she losses all her courage and dignity

when the fret of her kin, in her heart lingers.

To overcome the fear and the hatred

they pray to the one, who’s above them and above all

In a world that’s growing everyday, strenuous and hellish

Who else will salvage their souls from such terrifying squall.


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