An ode to Women….

  With her son, she is mild

for her enemies, she is wild;

Soft at heart but never weakrich-woman

a modern fashionista, or a geek.

She respects the elder, cares for the young,

can give birth, so can she kill,

Even the mighty lord

bow low in front of her will.

The life force of our worldwarrior

a shy girl, or a fierce warrior,

When strongest men abandon hope

she shows strength to survive, and cope.

She is beautiful, so is bold

can shower warmth, or be cold,

she can love with all the passionWoman-smile-beautiful-hd-get-73591

or can kill in the latest fashion.

She is a mother and a loving daughter,

a faithful sister, and a caring wife;

lord’s gift, one of a kind,

Without her presence, i can’t imagine life.6918771-woman-white-dress


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