She woke up from her sleep

just like every night5189024

With tear soaked heart

She gazed to the heavens

and uttered a cry;

‘Oh! lord do you exist?’

But from up came no reply

So she bent her knees

perching her head on the bed

praying to the lord for the pain to end

And suddenly came a light

behind it was an angel hidden

who stretched out her arms

asking her to come

Her face bore a gentle smileangel-fantasy-hd-wallpaper

her bodice engulfed in light.

So, she lifted herself up

stretching herself  towards the holy spirit

who grasped her hand

and she away with her to the promised land

with endless space and silence all around

she closed her eyes to thank the lord

When she opened she found herself

dreaming on the ground.on the ground


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