The Wait

0He waited for her, midst passing seasons

His heart locked in her memory’s prison

With a will strong and a belief of her arrival

He measured the path looking for her steps

Agreed that on her return, depended his survival.

In anticipation he watched clock’s arm tread,

Flushed with mixed feelings, beatific and dread

Hoping to glimpse her seraphic figure

Lest death should visit him first

He summoned his restless and continued to linger.

Countless years passed while he stood the same

Obdurate on not leaving, he dallied for his dame,

And just before his demise, towards him approached

The girl he had eyed for, finally came

But her soul and body had already been encroached.

She reached him but with another man by his side

He realized that promise to which she did not abide,

Also that her words had all gone for lies,

Though a glimpse of her face, painted on his face a smile

For at least he could witness her face, before he dies.


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