The little One

‘Oh mother! I’m hungry’-

the little one said

‘Could you get for me-

a little piece of bread’,

‘Wait O son,-

till that man is out’

‘Stealthily you move in-

when none is looking about’.

There I see, chicken and egg-

a load of bread and eel;

‘All o’ em look divine-

which one shall I steal’

‘Wait O filthy son-

till the time arrives’

‘All shall be yours-

Once your father shows the knives’.

So the little one-

waited for his father to come,

In search of hefty tools-

who had gone to the slum,

Morning and noon and dusk

all came and then passed by,

The little one slept of hunger-PAL_painting_boy-mother2_flipped

never again could utter a cry.



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