Amazing-Pic-of-Beautiful-Lady-Pandora-Opening-the-Forbidden-Box-Negative-Emotions-Pouring-OutShe opened a box

rustic, old and decorated in dust

inside which lived things dear,

A secret kept from the closest of kins

A chest of souvenir.

Glimpsing at them

She replaced a vile of fragrant liquid

on her empty palm, addressed to her, by him;

Breathing its scent provided her calm

as it dispersed in air, spreading his aura around.

Her moist vision spotted a pair of rings

that in the past had adored her ears

Most loved of all other things,

That he had gifted in those lost years.

Picking up the necklace-

not of diamonds but perfect pearls

which he gave for rare occassions

She recalled how she had roamed the fairs

showing them off to the girls.

Amidst them were those letters

which spoke of his love and passion;

witnesses of their love

Over decades she preserved with caution.

And now that him is long gone

articles of love keep him near

though the seasons of love have passed,

she relives in his souvenir.


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