The lioness and the calf…

On an evening very fine,

I saw a queen by the pond,

as the clouds spread the shine,Joubert5-Lionessandcalf_zpsaafe1496

I saw a beautiful blond,

laying there on her own,

waiting on for someone to prance,

when a calf ignorant strolled,

she found her golden chance,

She stooped down below,

trying her best to be unseen,

the calf was small and slow,

as she lurked behind the green,

the calf then bent his head,

to quench his thirsty throat,

then slowly she left her bed,

but limped like a goat.

the calf busy in drinking,

unknown of the danger around,

whilst she mustered her strength,

the injured queen held her ground.

Within an eyes wink,

she leapt on for her bread,

before the calf could think,

gripped in her jaws he was dead.


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