The help…

A man trapped amidst floodflood_clip_art

looked up, embracing heaven

o’ mighty lord’ save my soul, he said

A man young, couldn’t be dead.

Few moments after, a boat passed by

men aboard offering help

‘God will save my soul’ he said

you take care of yourselves.

The boat passed by

though the water increased

seeing the deadly scenario

the man wasn’t pleased.

He climbed up onto a tree

once again looked up, embracing heaven

‘o merciful creator, help my soul’ he said

A man like me shouldn’t be dead.

After a short while,

appeared a chopper on the sky,

throwing him down, a rope

they asked him to hold it and fly.

To this his reply was ‘No’

You all must from here go’

Don’t worry to save me

For god will save my soul.

The flood and rain lasted another hour

leaving the ground with dirt and scars

The man after rested in his grave

No bother, for his soul had been saved.


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