All the joy in the world2263917-death_with_a_blur_31000

the beauty to which succumb

the pleasure of other company

and the filthy effects of rum,

trifles all,guaranteed to none,

I see that death is only true

Ii shall come for everyone.

Love and care of our mother

a life with no loss, no bother

a shed to hide, a bed to sleep

whilst others battle a squall,

not fate, but death is fair,

for it strikes us all.

A cup of fortune, a pinch of fame

a wave of respect, a hat of recognitionDeath pathway

some get less, some more

death is so secular

it will hug us all for sure.

The ache of lover’s demise

loss of a moment precise

the deepest wounds of a warrior

all may have a cure

death amidst them is certainangel_of_death_by_harl2004-d4fllbf

though incurable, its pure.


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