A Flower…..

Flowersimages (5)

Flowers oh yes, so beautiful they are

Smothered by thorns, or submerged in a jar

Glorify the atmosphere with scented breeze

Providing comfort to the pure, as well as the sleaze

Blue, white, red, and yellow

Myriad textures, bright and mellowdownload (3)

Lighten up the ugliest moods

Be it elders or them broods.

So what, if you can’t build

a palace or a tower

If you love someone,

just give them a flower.


2 thoughts on “A Flower…..

  1. Nice piece. I love how healing and comforting flowers are. I used to think that sending flowers was just obligatory and, therefore, unnecessary. But, over the years, I’ve realized that flowers offer fragrance and beauty — things that we need to survive this treacherous ballad of life.

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