The visit….

Lights were oute3eb49b55f88d6ae92b33ba5174a2e72

I was in

Inside my room

where else could’ve been.

When entered through the window

a strange whisper,

shuddered my heart

as my bones began to shiver.

I peeped outside,

caught a glimpse of a figure,

outside my window,

it continued to linger.

Dumbstruck by the scene

I was scared to approach,

while it glided forward,

to lean on the porch.

Unknown of its move

that I couldn’t see,

estranged figure outside,

incessantly lurked at me.

A flash of heavenly light

beamed into the chamber,

next moment it stood beside me

a form formed of vapour.

I could see it now,

with features tin and pale,

twisting and contorting,

me heart said ‘ it was frail.’

To be continued,,,7fff4dcb93791d4ff860e8d05de6eed3


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