The result….

Foy2-popupIt’s dripping down

as if the sky is crying

You can believe me

for I ain’t lying,

Even though

the sun isn’t shining

I just need you

to keep on smiling,

There are people

who go on lying

some don’t care

go on bribing

There are children

who are still starving

The song and the lyrics

ARTkeppler1just have no timing

Many idiots

just go on shouting

Religion becoming

the reason of quarreling

I see on the streets

people howling

And some are just

silently dying,

There are people chris-mars-1

who are still dreaming,

While hundreds of people

spent their night weeping,

The saints do nothing

other than preaching,

while the teachers

aren’t interested in teaching,

I find these thoughts

in my mind creeping,

And for my friends

they are haunting and freaking,

But I just feel11024341_912154348816882_986987017_n

It’s the result of my scribbling.


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