In the night  as the sun sets

and people are done with their  bets,Dreams_and_Nighmares_by_vmaximus

Tired of the day and its price

lay on their beds, closing their eyes

For many, the world ends there

but for some awaits a new world,

Hiding surprises for everyone,

It creeps in people’s minds, engulfs it

driving them further, to a new place,

And shows them what they want.

For some its like a dumb’s song

making lame quick and strong

fulfilling the incomplete thoughts,images

Its the only world with no boundaries

No beliefs, bound by religion

All are free to chose their place,

with even the blind men

glimpsing at their favourite season,

Its a gift by god, to all his children

its nothing but our dreams,

And you can come out,

once you are done,

But hey, just don’t scream,

There are others who are still in their dream.images (1)


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