A smile

A smile is a curve

that sets things straight,Big_smile

It is a gesture

for which every eye awaits

It’s a light on the window

falling directly from heaven’s gate.

No matter how ill you’re feeling

You’ll find a smile, more or less, healing

Peace begins with smileimages

hatred fades with smile

You’re not taxed to smile, rather

helps you in enjoying a while.

Smiles can have different characters

just one cruel smileredlipsmile

and dreams may shatter

It’s a universal language

but understood by some,

It bears no price

yet can’t be bought or stolen

Can leave a heart broken.


It’s the heart’s way of breathing

Stops people from weeping

it gives you face

a bright shinning

So, I request the immortalsimages (1)

to just KEEP SMILING..


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