The judgement..

The judgement

On a Monday morning, the Magistrate of a town came across a very amusing case, likes of which he had never encountered in his long enough careers. The case was of a murder. The victim was a 13year old boy who had died of Malaria. There were two suspects, who had been summoned to the DM. The first suspect was a boy of same age as that of the victim and the second was a mosquito.
The boy who was blamed was a friend of the victim. They both lived in a room together. The suspect loved his friend and always wanted to spend his time with him. He liked playing and chatting with his friend. However, his friend didn’t have similar feelings for him. He liked to spend his time in something productive, and was busy with his books and home works most of the time. He didn’t care for his friend much.
The suspect friend noticed that, his friend always spent his time in the other room, busy with his work, while he sat alone in the other. In order to talk to his friend, he devised a plan. During the evening, the suspect friend would open the windows of his friend’s room, so that it was open for all the mosquitoes to enter. However, his friend never came out, instead, was bitten by a mosquito. Next day he was on his bed, suffering from Malaria. After two days, he died, leaving behind a letter, which blamed his friend for the mishap and left him alone to face the judgement.
The friend blamed the mosquito for his friend’s death. For if he had not bitten him, his friend would have been alive right now. After listening to the suspect friend, the magistrate turned his head towards the mosquito, which also had a story to tell.
The mosquito said that he had not bitten the boy with intentions of murder. He wanted only some fresh blood to feed himself and a little amount for his family. When he saw the window open, he got tempted and took his family out for a little feast. He also told that, he had not taken a blood test since last month and was unaware of the virus in his bloodstream. He added that, he was simply doing his job of biting people and it was not his fault if the boy died. In his opinion, it was the friend’s fault, for if he hadn’t opened the window, the mosquitoes wouldn’t have entered in the first place. Therefore, the friend was the murderer of the boy.
After listening to both of their stories, the magistrate sat in myriads of poses thinking about the case. Then he said, that the death of the boy was due to his own mistake and his friend and the mosquito had no part whatsoever in it. The magistrate said that, the boy’s friend only wanted his company for some time and hence had opened the window. However, no one can be stopped from opening or closing a window of his or her house. If the boy felt the mosquitoes, he either should have closed the window or would spend some time with his friend. Nevertheless, he was ignorant enough to work in that condition and catch malaria. The mosquito on the other hand was simply doing his job and was unknown of the fact that his blood was infested with malaria virus. The magistrate also considered the immense amount of work done by the mosquito community for population control and left him with a warning to get him admitted in a health centre.
The magistrate told the people that it was the boy’s own mistake, who neglected the world around him. The magistrate declared his death to be a suicide. While both the mosquito and the boy’s friend were, free to go. A tough judgement, indeed.


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