You believe in ……….GOD

You believe in God.

If you do believe in the real god, ‘Thou Art the man, Thou art the woman , thou the man, thou the young woman walking in the strength of youth, thou the old man tottering with his stick.’

Thou art weakness

Thou art Fear

Thou art Heaven and Hell.

Thou art the serpent that would sting.

All weakness, bondage, desire is imagination.

There art nothing but thou.

There is you

and no other way out.

No Fear.

No Superstition.

Face the truth as it is.

If death comes-

that is the worst of your enemies.


It will come,

SO let it come!

WE all are determined towards death.

That is all I Know.

That is my religion.

It’s my truth.

It is me.

I have not attained to it,

Though I shall struggle,

I may not ,



May go on.

you must GO ON!!!!!!



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