Right and Wrong OR Simply A CHOICE…..

My mind often wanders in those lost valleys of philosophy trying to figure out the existence of positive and download (12)   negative. After all, we have defined and lived our lives on the basis of positive and negative, truth and lie, right and wrong. But does this analogy truly exist.

If there was a truth and a false, a right and a wrong then who decides it and how do we know that its fair. The definition of truth and false varies from person to person. It is also a well acclaimed fact that truth is the right path to follow but how do we know which truth is right and which one is not. All we know is that it is going to have an effect on others. It may be a single person or the whole world.

What will happen if the universal truths as we know it were wrong?

Then, what would you do?positive-and-negative-street-signs

What would we do?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Well, you don’t have to do anything. Because, there is nothing like right and wrong, positive and negative but only a choice. Yes, there is a choice that we can make. It is all about what you chose to believe as true now, rest all is just an illusion, created by our mind.

You can choose to kill a man or adopt a child. It’s your choice whether play with your child or drink at the bar. It is your choice to live and die, there is neither right nor wrong. However, there is only a choice.

The illusion in which we are manoeuvring now has been created by the most ingenious creators of all time.

 The Brain.jesusking


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