We have been living our lives on a very fundamental definition of time. But have we really understood it. Great scientists, theorists, physicists and philosophers, all have wrestled with time. They have tried to unearth myriads of meanings of time but did they really succeed in understanding it. What if the definition or the results to which they arrived was only a fragment of the true definition of time. What is it. Is it  dimension with it’s own rules and laws or just an entity, a variable created by our mind to keep track of our lives.

The moment we are born, the clock begins to tick for us and it does not stop till our death. But is it really stopped or it was us who stopped. Time existed before us and it continues to exist after us, it may have a beginning and a proper end or it might just be infinite.

Can it not be only a person’s perception to record one’s life and all the other accidents happening in the world. People have tried to unravel the hidden mysteries of this vast universe with time as one of the most fundamental principles. What if time didn’t exist it self in originality, then Einstein’s theory of relativity goes out the window. Everything changes.

People have trying to solve the mystery of time travel, but with no time at all, there would be no need to travel. There would be no past, no future, but only present. But is present not present already.

If we consider time to be non-existent, than we can realise that the people in higher dimension might be treating it in some other way. For them, the definition of time is different and hence it might be possible for them to travel through that entity(time).


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