The origin..

The origin

As we know that several theories have been given and it is up to us, to decide the plausible one, I believe that we could try to build a theory for ourselves, in order to understand about the origin.

In order to decipher the puzzle to everything, we must begin from nothing. In the beginning, there was nothing but empty space or void. Then we began developing theories of the birth of everything. However, the problem is that we have always tried to solve the questions we ask ourselves but forget the origin of the question. The origin of any question is also the source to every answer and that is our brain. Each and every query we have, is developed by our brain and then the solution is devised by it. Even the questions about the existence of god and the formation of our universe etc. are all born in our mind and the same mind gave us the answer. The problem here is not that the source of question and answer is same but the very existence of these questions and the need to find their answer is puzzling. Why is there a need to know the beginning of universe? Why are people spending their entire lives in search of truth or god? What is that truth and why is there a need for truth. For if there were no truth, there would be no false.


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