sceneries of war.

War-of-Tanks-Wallpaper-HD  There will be blood,

for there was war,

swords and corpses witness,

the decline of the Czar,

bodies painted in bloody red

laid as corpses, still undead.

By the swift strokes of them blades,

shined by golden shades,

were hundreds of men beheaded,

on whom thousands of them fed.

Inevitable was such end,negro-soldiers-fort-wagner

as the rules can be bent,

soldiers come on marching,

and return asleep,post_2

come as live as summer,

depart like the cold winter.

They march, they fight, they die,

though never do utter a cry,

some are remembered

others lost in the course of history,

their life for king, death for the same,

holding the flag. bearing mother’s name,

move forward,images (10)

be it mountains or valleys

some of them,

even brought from the galleys.

such was the battle,

ask them stars,

they have witnessed these,

sceneries of war.


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