no light…..just blackness

It’s all dark,pitch blaafterlifeck around

I’m scared, I don’t feel the ground.

in that darkness,

I hear silent whispers

so cold they are

make my soul shiver.

I feel strange creatures

creeping under me skin

suddenly came a strange voice

surely noy from a kin.

All that is visible,

is nothing

a hollow void space

no light, just blackness

with a stiff base.

Am I at the end,

or its just the beginning

of a journey

from nothing to something

or something to everything

Though I see neither the past,

nor do I believe in future

All I see is the present , hollow

with no size, shape or texture.

The bleakness has engulfed me

so much,

;that I’ve become a part of it.

Slowly and steadily loosing myself,

falling into an endless pit.

But neither should you catch me,

nor shall you jump

it’s my turn to stroll the seas

as me heart has stopped to pump.

While all this guise,

I didn’t feel my breath,

may be I don’t need any

In this life,

after death.


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