Dealers of death……

Dealers of Death.

They crawl in the dark,

whisper in silent nights,Snake-Sculpture-nice-snakes-and-turtles-1937320-800-627

cold at blood,

so is their temper

be careful as they won’t pamper.

Them manoeuvre the skies

thin necked with a crooked 08082008_vulturebeak,

whilst their ideas ,

more crooked,

better called scavengers of the dead.

they are the creatures of dark,

are darker than nights

they though are blind

diabolic blood suckers

of a kind.

These six-legged hunters

poison drifting in their veins,

them are swift and clever,tarantula

once bitten

in pain you shiver.

Here are the masters of guise,

change skin like clothes,

be it deep woods or infinite deserts,

you won’t seeduda_chameleon

but they do.

At last but never the least,

are adept in stitching sticky traps

they are patient and play dead,

before the victim knows,

it’s dead.

These are the beasts ,

transported from evil depths,

they crawl, fly and hunt,

I give you

Dealers of death.


3 thoughts on “Dealers of death……

  1. Very original poem, well written obviously and putting up the pictures just made it better, although the other one without pictures was also great. Glad you stumbled upon my crazy blog, another good poet I can stalk.


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