My valentine……

I feel sometimes

that to hold your hand,

walk with you alone

into an unknown land

where wind shall blow

only to caress your hair,

sun would shine

to lighten your skin

the moon shall light your path

so that you may not fall in the dark,

whilst the stars decorate,

the floor of heavens,

for you gaze at them beauty,

till you fall asleep.

The rose shall bloom,

to be given to you,

and the jasmine shall spread,

it’s scent for your ease.

Trees shall grow high,

for you to rest,

the bed of grass,

as soft for it’s guest.

And you open your eyes,

in the warmth of my arms,

birds will enchant your ears,

singing of your charms.

There shall be none but one,

season of endless love.

We shall never part,

even after death,

as my soul has rinsed,

deep in your breath,

as yours has rinsed into mine.



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