look at my world…..

Look me in the eye,planeta doente

and have an eye on my world,

feel the pain I see,

have a look at the crying birds

the shame and the guilt,

upon the sins they’ve built

throw your tints

look around you, the filthIllustration of Crying Earth Due to Pollution

men turned bloodsuckers

nothing good around to see,

but the dark clouds,

amidst them Satan smiling.

Shrewd thoughts rinsed minds,

hidden truth- none finds,

busy accumulating fortune and wealth

forgotten about generations health.

See the air, it smells so stale,

mother’s face turned green to pale,

listen to the crackling of cloud bursts,

pouring drinks unfit for thirst,

it’s not that they cannot see,

but merely chose not to observe,

everyone knows blinds don’t see,Polluted-World

but still you get what you deserve.


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