Which is your coast?…………

the dilemmastock-vector-vector-illustration-of-a-stressed-out-cartoon-businessman-screaming-as-unfinished-paperwork-and-175225373

my soul is in dilemma  

whether to sail seven seas,

or to fly the mighty skies

Should I conquer the earth

would I control the heavens

a question asked since birth.

Am I to be, a man of trade

or master- the art of blades,

One calls me to politics

other hangs around gymnastics.

One flock recommends to be a painterstock-vector-party-time-111342464

while a nugget pushes to be a saviour.

Trapped in this unethical dilemma,

my brain has fallen-

into a state of coma.

All come, and they go

throwing their suggestions over,

but what surprises me the most-

None asks me,

Son, ‘Which is your coast?’stock-vector-vector-illustration-of-a-monochrome-cartoon-character-helpless-businessman-failing-to-multitask-177654860


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