knowledge = GOD

Mankind since its dawn has been probing, believing and thriving upon an entity called god, with each one of us having a definition of our own for it. People since the beginning of civilisation have been referring to bright-braina higher power or god, who is the creator of this earth and he is the one with the right to destroy it. Many mythologies have even depicted them coming to earth, from time to time, in order to help mankind from evil. Our ancient mythology tells us that whenever mankind has found itself amidst chaos, the mighty one incarnates to set order to things. We hear tales of gods and goddesses and angels and demons. However, can anyone vouch for even a single tale to be true, with proper evidence?  Alternatively, could it be that, we have been misinterpreting the messages that our ancestors wanted to leave for us. The mythology refers to those thousands of stories which have been passed on since the beginning of time. However, are they really reaching us in the manner they were supposed to?


What if everything that is said is true because we believe it to be true. We have never tried to question the stories or we never tried observing the facts told in the stories. All those stories and beliefs, try to explain a single and perhaps the most mystical and logical question ever asked in the history of humanity- Its Origin. Although a numerous theories have been given about the origin of universe and life, it is still a mystery. if we find the true origin of our lives, we might then truly realize god.


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