endless, magnificent , true….love


Nature’s endless love

it’s a feeling

that leaves you enchanted

you feel it when a drop of rain

touches your face

in a summer afternoon

or the warmth,

shared by the fire

on the Christmas eve.

though these moments

appear in myriad season

they do so, not in vain

as they behold a reason.

To make them feel and realize

the nature’s endless love towards them.

the love which has been

flowing endlessly

since the beginning

of time and life.fire_and_water_by_santijoel-d6eoqhy

The love which mankind

has neither felt

nor posses the guilt

for not caring.

from ancient past

to the present

and I believe

in the further future

no man has lived

will ever live true

without the knowledge

of nature’s magnificent,

selfless and endless love.beautiful nature wallpapers hd (68)


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