under her skin fear creeps……

images (2) paranoid_schizophrenia_by_andreamelody-d6p9nc1

When she manoeuvres down the streets

Under her skin a fear creeps

That she would be stuck in a me-lee,

Her heart soft as a lily,

People to her look like nymph,

Not letting her eyes even to blink,

For any moment,psychedelic-exp

images (3)Mayhem may occur,

People might throw her,

Into a gutter.

Afraid of these feelings,

She chooses to run,

As if the man behind her,

Is carrying a gun.

From these feelings,31c521dd5df8965ae00f43dc3c8f72e4

She gets so annoyed,

But fails to realise

That she is paranoid.


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