Many valiant rise,

but just to fail

in the land of devil

where evil prevails.

pray stop your legs

as you know nothing

of the dangers,

that are laid upon the way.

I fear death’s approach,

shall you not follow

the words, i utter.

Though I forgive you

for you are naive

but that doesn’t sense,

you won’t end in grave.

It’s not the devil –

of who you should fear

But the almighty.

Pray stop your legs.

The charming path which lays ahead

shall guide you nowhere,

but, to land of the dead.

Though its you,

who accepted the offer,

you not alone,

I too shall suffer.

For, I am the preacher,

you- the listener.

Whatever you are 

I am the creator.

But if you think different

then do what you may,

And I’ll be the one-

who’ll see you at bay.

Please remember as you go,

to join the comrade,

It’s not you – the listener,

But the preacher –



11 thoughts on “THE PREACHER WHO FAILED…..

  1. Hi,

    Reading the verse, what jumped out at me are the closing lines:

    “It’s not you – the listener,

    But the preacher –


    If the preacher indeed fails, one of the main reasons could be that he is unable to create the imagery of his own passion in the mind of the listener. What could be the reason for such a failure and what could the preacher do about it?


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    1. Sir,
      the beauty of poetry is that it is open to interpretation. From the very short but valuable experience of reading and writing poetry has shown me that the true perception or the mood of the poet can’t be understood very easily and in it lies the beauty as well as the freedom.

      Now, in this poetry, the preacher’s failure lies in the failure of his disciple and a true teacher will live with that despair. But we also need to understand that teaching is done by the teacher but it is a student’s choice to learn.

      I am regretful for the late reply..
      Do forgive my ignorance.


  2. a teacher can only guide/show the path, as we Indians say, you can drag a horse to waterhole but cant make him drink, so…. who is to blame? who is the failure? very good poem for sure Rajat, very thought provoking, will be mulling over it for sure.

    I wont think the preacher failed, I think the listener is naïve, if not fool!


    1. You are correct…
      what I mean by this poem is that it’s not only a teacher’s job to preach his disciple, but also student’s duty to listen, understand and do as guided by the preacher…..

      PS: Sorry, for the late reply. I had just taken some time off ( kind of a vacation).

      Really nice to hear from you mam.


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