The Ambiguity

The Collision


Moving on with the fact, that we do have our own worlds, let us see how our worlds effect or influence each other. Every day, from the moment, the day begins and we step out of our house our world starts experiencing changes. Of course, the changes taking place are different for each one. Let us say, you were going for an interview dressed in best formal clothes. You are feeling confident about the interview. As you step out and start walking, a car passes by splashing water on you. Certainly, you are on the same planet but your world changed upside down just in a matter of seconds. The person inside the car was and is still a stranger but he changed your world. This phenomenon of changes brought in some ones world due to the intrusion of another world can be called as the collision. It happens every now and then. Sometimes it can be momentary and other times it may not occur even after the contact of two worlds. Two or more worlds are said to be contacting each other when the people are sharing the physical space and time but their worlds are not influenced by each other. It can also be referred as pseudo-collision.

From this, we can infer that whenever a two worlds share the same time and space they may lead to collision, irrespective of the magnitude of space and time. In addition, the worlds sharing space and time may be ideal or random. In an ideal situation the people sharing are believed to be familiar with each other’s projected world while in random situation the people don’t posses any knowledge about each other’s projected worlds. Our projected world constitutes the perceptions that other people carry about us or the image that we display to others. The projected world masks our real world. It kind of protects our world from being exposed to other worlds. The projected world is completely under one’s own control and one can personalise it in the manner they prefer the best. Just like your profiles on the internet. It’s virtual on the internet but in our lives, it boasts to be our reality.

However, is it really the reality? If yes, then are you sure that you are not projecting a lie to yourself.


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